Craig Evans Sentenced to Jail After Accidentally Sending Sexy Text to all his Contacts

When Craig Evans accidentally sent a sexy text to all of his phone contacts, he was embarrassed, but never dreamed he would end up in a U.K. jail.

Two of the accidental recipients were young schoolgirls, aged 13 and 14, reports the Daily Mail.

They, along with all the other contacts, saw the 24-year-old Brit asking his girlfriend if she would like to engage in "skin on skin" sex.

Evans, who teaches swimming, was arrested and charged with causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, and sentenced to jail for 18 months in July.

His lawyers went to the Court of Appeal in London to have his conviction overturned this week, blaming the text on Evans’s "misguided use of his BlackBerry."

Fortunately, the judge said that the sentence would be suspended "given the unusual circumstances" and freed Evans.

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