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Craig Cobb, White Supremacist Revealed As 14% Black, is Having a Rough Few Weeks

A North Dakota man who believes he is part of a white master race and dreams of turning a small town into a racist utopia has seen his all-white world fall apart in the past couple of weeks.

First, the results of a DNA test revealed on a TV talk show showed that Craig Cobb’s ancestry was 14 percent black. Then when he returned to Leith, N.D., a town with a population of just 16 people and the proposed site of Cobb’s all-white enclave, a fellow white supremacist taunted him with racist graffiti, ridiculing Cobb, 62, for his newly exposed African heritage.

Now, Cobb has landed in jail without bond on charges of terrorizing the small town by embarking on is own personal “armed patrol” of Leith.

The unraveling of Cobb’s life began when he submitted to a challenge from the Trisha Goddard Show, a topical TV talk show whose British host, Goddard, is black. Cobb gave the show a sample of is DNA to prove his racial purity, but it came back showing that his ancestry is part black — 14 percent, to be exact.

Goddard embarrassed Cobb on her show, revealing the results on the air. Cobb responded by saying that there must be some mistake.

His fellow racists didn’t think so, however. so when Cobb returned from the taping to Leith, another white supremacist taunted him, even painting the words “Back in Black” on the side of Cobb’s house.

“And he’s not an AC/DC fan,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Todd Schwarz.

In response to what he called, in a message to the Bismarck Tribune, “the many violences and harassments against we and the children,” Cobb and 29-year-old sidekick Kynan Dutton started marching around the tiny town brandishing guns.

Cobb called his actions “an armed patrol,” but Schwarz says that Cobb knew exactly who had been harassing him, so the need to "patrol" in search of harassers was just a “manufactured excuse.”

Cobb and Dutton were arrested and hit with seven counts of “terrorizing” the town. Schwarz had him held without bond as a flight risk, as well as someone who was causing panic in this otherwise peaceful village.

"I’ve got a small community that is absolutely justified in being in fear of this man and his escalation," said Schwarz.

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