Parents' Stories Differ When Police Discover Their Two-Year-Old Son's Body Buried In The Woods


The body of two-year-old Colton Turner was found in the woods of southeast Texas two weeks ago. The boy’s father, Michael Turner, told police during an interview last week that the body was buried there in July.

Authorities were alerted recently to check on Colton by a concerned family friend. The friend, Brianna Spieldenner, notified police after seeing troubling photos of cuts and bruises all over Colton’s body. The photos were sent to Spieldenner by a cousin of Meagan Work, Colton’s mother. 

The pictures of Colton’s injured body were taken over two months ago – right around the time he went missing. His body shows clear signs of physical abuse in the pictures. Here are a few of them:

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It was revealed in recent days that Child Protective Services received four complaints in the last year and a half from people concerned about Colton’s well-being. Only two of those complaints were resolved. Heather Tyler, Work’s sister, says family members told her they called CPS about Colton but often got no response from the agency.

“I've had random family members tell me that, ‘I called CPS on Meagan, and they didn't do anything, and they told me they would call me back,’” Heather Tyler told 12 News.

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Neither of Colton’s parents are charged with Colton’s death at this time. They are both listed as people of interest in the case, though. Turner was already in jail last week on separate charges when police asked him about Colton. He and Work told various stories about why they buried Colton, but police were able to poke holes in their narratives.

“We were lucky enough to have them separated to where they couldn't talk about this,” said Cedar Park Police Department detective Justin Miller. “While they maybe had months before tried to work out a story, there were so many holes in it we were able to kind of play to those holes.”

Work and Turner have already been charged with evidence tampering in the case. As police continue their investigation, it's possible the two will be charged with murder as well.

“We are no longer looking for a missing child in Cedar Park and instead are investigating a death and disposal of a body,” said Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix.

Work, who has been living out of her car or with friends for months now, is pregnant with another child. 

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