Coyote Attacks 2-Year-Old Girl at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Orange County, Calif., as Family Visits Relative’s Grave


A coyote attacked 2-year-old Klarissa Barrera of Long Beach on Thursday at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, 4471 Lincoln Ave., in the city of Cypress, Cali. The little girl is recovering after she was bitten and dragged by the coyote toward some bushes in the Southern California cemetery, according to her mother.

The attack reportedly occurred as Klarissa was playing only 10 feet away while her mother visited her grandmother’s grave, according to the LAist.

Michelle Luper, Klarissa’s mother, says she screamed and lunged toward the coyote to grab her daughter, and it let go of the child.

The Orange County Register reports that the victim was given a rabies shot and treated for a 2 1/2-inch gash on her calf.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife employees have shot and killed three coyotes at the park to address what they considered a threat to public safety, the Register reported. Officials say this was the first coyote attack reported in Orange County this year.

In May, pet owners in several neighborhoods around Long Beach, Calif., were on alert after a string of coyote attacks, reported CBS affiliate KCBS in Los Angeles. Police said the attacks usually targeted cats and occured between midnight and 4 a.m.

Forest Lawn Cemetery management has placed coyote traps around the park in areas where they are not likely to snare any humans, Ben Sussman, vice president of community relations and media management for the cemetery, told the LAist. Signs warning visitors to beware of coyotes have reportedly been posted on the property also.

The L.A. Times reports that Klarissa is in "good spirits" and has started walking again on her wounded leg.

Sources: Orange County Register, KCBS, , L.A. Times


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