Coworkers Take Revenge and Videotape Man Who Parks "Like A Jerk"


A man who crossed the line and took up two parking spaces with his car prompted his coworkers to enact revenge on him.

To teach the bad parker a lesson, coworkers parked a large truck unusually close to his, so that he could not enter his own vehicle from the drivers side. Coworkers then videotaped the man trying to climb into his car while they laughed about the incident in the background, according to the Inquistr.

The video was titled “Don’t Park Like a Jerk” and featured the “jerk” parker trying to get back in his car and appearing very daunted by the truck inches away from his vehicle, according to The Blaze. 

“Sick of this guy taking up two spots every day, so we showed him you actually can still fit another car beside his,” the description of the video read.

Eventually, the truck’s positioning forced the man to crawl into his car through the passenger-side seat.

The video was posted on both The Gawker and Reddit.

“I bet you he will never park like that again,” one of the coworkers in the video said.

The next morning the man parked his car in just one space towards the back of his workplace parking lot.

Sources: The Inquistr, The Blaze


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