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Co-Worker Gets Huge Surprise

On July 23, a group of UF Health employees in Florida gave their hard-working co-worker a big surprise after they discovered that he lived in a hotel and took the bus to work every day.

Although a group of four employees initially began giving their co-worker rides to work, that was not all they did, according to WJAX.

In secret, the employees began raising money to help their co-worker get his own truck. Over the course of three months, donations came in from doctors, nurses, techs, and even individuals who had never met him.  

Once they had raised enough money and bought the truck, they invited the man to a restaurant for the big reveal, as seen on their YouTube story.

He cried as he was given a small box containing the keys to a GMC Canyon, which was waiting for him in the parking lot of the restaurant.

The man had been known for working 12-hour days without any complaints, according to his co-workers.  They said that he could not have been more grateful for the truck.

Sources: WJAX, Neal & Chantel/YouTube / Photo credit: Brittany Donovan/Twitter

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