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Cow With Two Heads Sold At Australian Auction

One cow turned heads during an Australian auction on Tuesday because of its double head, including one extra eye and functioning nostrils.

“Mate, he’s as fat as a fool!” Elders selling agent Mark Peters said. “It was an absolute prime condition animal, he just had two faces.”

The animal earned quite a lot of attention from curious onlookers in the sale yard.

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“It received a fair amount of attention,” Queensland Rural livestock agent Jack Shephard, who sold the bull, said.

Shephard noted that he had never seen another cow like it in his 17 years in the field. However, he added that he had seen other abnormalities.

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The nearly 1,000 pound animal sold for $400 on Tuesday to a slaughterhouse.

Sorces: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo Credit: Facebook


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