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Watch: Cow Takes First Steps On Prosthetic Legs In the Snow (Video)

Fawn, a 2-year-old Jersey cow, took her first steps on new prosthetic legs at her new farm home in upstate New York. A video released by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary captured Fawn’s reactions.

Fawn was born at a dairy farm in 2013 but her mother dropped her onto concrete during her birth and severely fractured her front leg.

She was then given to a family as a pet, according to the Independent, but a misdiagnosis by a veterinarian allowed a major infection in her knee to become chronic.   

With her knee unable to heal and strengthen normally, soon Fawn’s body weight could not be supported by her other front leg and Fawn was forced to walk on her knees. After months of this unnatural practice, so much damage occurred to both legs that Fawn could no longer support herself in any upright position.

Then Woodstock Farm Sanctuary adopted Fawn and took her to Cornell University Veterinary Center, where one of the vets operated on her.

A four-month recovery period at her new home brought significant improvement in Fawn’s health, and this month she was fitted with two prosthetic legs so that she can once again enjoy mobility.

According to the Indian Express, Fawn is also receiving physiotherapy to maximize her recovery.

Source: The Independent, Indian Express / Photo: Metro


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