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Cow That Fled Slaughterhouse Is Shot Near McDonald's

A cow that became a hero for some after it escaped from a slaughterhouse in Cincinnati Wednesday morning was shot dead not far from a McDonald's.

Witnesses say they spotted the cow in the west side of the city after it fled Tri State Beef Co. at around 11 a.m. Wednesday, reports USA Today.

"It got confused and it ended up going up the Western Hills Viaduct onto Queen City," said Tiffany Hardy, spokeswoman with the Cincinnati Police Department. "It was kind of nervous."

Hardy says the animal didn't attack, but was displaying aggressive behavior. Workers from Tri State Beef Co. reportedly followed the cow. After it charged at a worker, he shot him twice near a McDonald's by Queen City Avenue, reports the Washington Times.

Prior to its death, the cow's movements were tracked on Twitter:

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No injuries were reported. Police say they are not investigating the incident. 

Sources: USA Today, Washington Times

Photo Credit: Eric Berting/Twitter 


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