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Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse Only To Be Shot By Baltimore Police (Video)

A cow that escaped a Baltimore slaughterhouse was shot and killed by police officers Friday.

It jumped over two fences and a police car to escape George Ruppersberger and Sons Wholesale Beef Veal and Lamb, the owner said.

A motorist caught the animal on camera running down the median on North Avenue.

After the escape, police officers said the animal became "increasingly aggressive.”

Business owners in the Mount Vernon neighborhood contacted the Baltimore police.

"I was trying to get other people to get the hell out of the way," Same Wirtz told ABC News.

Police said on the department’s Facebook page that "officers made numerous attempts to trap it" before they opened fire and killed the animal. Police Sgt. Sarah Connolly said the bull was shot shortly after 10:15 a.m.

The bull’s corpse was taken by representatives of a company that recycles restaurant grease and animal byproducts, according to ABC News.

Sources: WJLAABC News


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