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Covina, California, Woman Offered $100 For Her Son (Video)

Two men at a Covina, California, market attempted to buy a woman’s 2-year-old son for $100.

The 34-year-old mother was approached by a man as they checked out at Baja Ranch Market, who lavished compliments on the mother and son. The man then asked if she would consider selling the little boy. After she declined, he continued complimenting the boy.

The mother waited for the man to leave and then went to her car, where she was again approached by the man from the store and another man in the passenger’s seat of a brown or champagne-colored Honda Pilot. 

"Oh look, it’s you! It’s both of you. You’re so beautiful," the woman recalled the man saying to her, acording to NBC Los Angeles. The woman then asked the men to leave her alone, but the same man took $100 from his pocket and again tried to buy her son.

Believing her son was going to be abducted, the woman froze. But the men simply dropped the money in her shopping cart and drove away.

"The gentleman asked to purchase her kid for a hundred bucks," Covina Police Sgt. Gregg Peterson said. "She was somewhat surprised by that, declined the invitation, obviously."

The two men remain at large.

Source: NBC Los Angeles / Image via U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Flickr


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