Court Rules Gun Makers not Responsible for Illegal Gun Sales

The Supreme Court announced today it won't considered a case that sought to hold the gun industry partially responsible for weapons that end up in illegal markets.

The suit, first filed in 2000 by Rudy Giuliani while he was the mayor of New York City, alleged that lax oversight by gun manufacturers increased the chances that firearms ended up in the hands of criminals and unlicensed owners, creating a considerable danger to the public. Giuliani was hoping the court would mandate stricter regulations on gun sales, most notably at gun shows where unlicensed dealers can privately sell weapons.

The Supreme Court ruled that a federal law passed by President Bush, which granted the gun industry sweeping protection from lawsuits filed by crime victims, applies in this case as well, exempting gun makers from responsibility for the actions of criminal private gun sellers and purchasers.

The cases are City of New York v, Beretta, 08-530, and Lawson v. Beretta, 08-545.

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