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Court Pays for Make-Up Artist to Cover Neo-Nazi's Tattoos

A Neo-Nazi's lawyer has convinced a court to allow a make-up artist to come in every day -- costing the court $125 each session -- and cover up his client's racist tattoos.

John Ditullio is accused of murder after he allegedly broke into a neighbor's home in New Port Richey, Florida, stabbed 44-year-old Patricia Wells, and killed 17-year-old Kristofer King, a friend of Wells' son. The home was next door to a notorious mobile home known as the Nazi Compound, which was decorated with swastika flags.

Ditullio has several offensive tattoos: a strip of barbed wire down the right side of his face from his forehead to his cheekbone, and a swastika and a crude insult on his neck.

His lawyer, Bjorn E. Brunvand, argued that it was necessary to let Ditullio cover these tattoos for the trial. "There’s no doubt in my mind -- without the makeup being used, there’s no way a jury could look at John and judge him fairly. It’s too frightening when you see him with the tattoos. It’s a scary picture."

Meanwhile, Kristofer King's mother, Charlene Bricken, is outraged: "The judge is bending over backwards for the criminal. Did somebody tie him down while he was in jail and put these tattoos on him?"

Despite his tattoos no longer being outwardly visible, Ditullio is obviously the same man inside: He recently taunted Bricken by sending her a Christmas card from jail.


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