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Court Orders Boy Scouts 'Perversion Files' to be Released Today

Confidential files of the Boy Scouts of America will be released to the public, later today, which will include sexual abuse allegations, per the order of the Oregon Supreme Court.

The so-called “perversion files” will allegedly show how thousands of suspected molestations were handled by the Boy Scouts of America from 1947 to January 2005, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The abuse reports stem from an Oregon lawsuit in 2010 that resulted in $20 million judgement for a man who was molested by an assistant scoutmaster in the early 1980s.

The Boy Scouts of America tried to keep the files closed, but the Oregon Supreme Court ruled for numerous media outlets who want the info released. The names of the victims will be redacted.

The files could lead to even more lawsuits against the Boy Scouts of America over their handling of alleged sexual abuse.

The Boy Scouts of America warned that the release of the files would discourage the reporting of future alleged child abuse. However, many of the alleged incidents in the files were never reported to the police by the Boy Scouts of America.


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