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Court: Guns Okay on Oregon University Campuses

The Oregon University System said it will not fight a court ruling that struck down its ban on guns on campus.

Last week the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that colleges cannot legally prohibit guns. The court apparently agreed with the state legislature which claimed only its lawmakers can ban guns in public places such as college campuses.

The University System was thinking about continuing its fight but on Tuesday decided against it.

"While we feel strongly that the court decision is not in the best interests of our students and campus communities, we do not want to go through a long and costly process that may produce the same outcome," OUS Chancellor George Pernsteiner said in a news release. "Instead, we have started work on internal processes that are already in place or that we can put in place that will maintain a reasonable and satisfactory level of campus safety and security."

For example, most of the system's seven colleges already have rules banning guns from residence halls and sporting events, which are not considered public spaces Those rules can be expanded and still not violate the court ruling.

A spokesman for one of the schools, Southern Oregon University, said the decision will not really amount to much.

"This court decision will not change much in the way we handle firearms and public safety on SOU's campus," spokesman Jim Beaver told the Medford Mail Tribune. "We have never had a problem with weapons on campus. And we don't anticipate this becoming a problem because of the court ruling."


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