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'Enjoy Your New Life Without Us': Tony Moreno's Disturbing Text Messages Before Throwing 7-Month-Old Son Into River (Photos)

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An arrest warrant has shed light on the alleged murder of 7-month-old baby Aaden at the hands of his father Tony Moreno, 21, on Sunday. The warrant shows a tumultuous relationship between Moreno and the child’s mother in the time leading up to the child’s death.

Aaden’s mother, Adrianne Oyola, 19, told officials in an interview that she had lived with Moreno, his brother, and his mother from February 2013 to June 2014, the Hartford Courant reports.

On June 17 she applied for a restraining order against Moreno.

“He has told me he could make my son disappear anytime of the day,” Oyola said.

Her report also includes an incident in which Moreno allegedly pushed her off of a bed, injuring her ankle in the process.

Oyola decided to move out on June 16 after Moreno allegedly hid her new graduation dress from her. She had already applied for a temporary restraining order and was given sole custody of Aaden. However, since a judge refused to give Oyola a permanent restraining order against Moreno, the two decided upon a custody schedule on their own in which Moreno would also have custody of the child.

On July 5, the two exchanged a text conversation as well as a phone call in the hours before and after Moreno reportedly threw Aaden into the Connecticut River.

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The two allegedly argued on Sunday about when Moreno was going to return Aaden to Oyola, according to the Hartford Courant.

“Enjoy your new life without us,” read one message from Moreno to Oyola on Sunday, shortly before he jumped into the river.

“Where’s Aaden?” Oyola asked.

“He’s dead. And soon I will be too,” Moreno replied.

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Sometime before the child died, Moreno’s mother, Denise Moreno, received a phone call from her son asking her to come get a phone with pictures of the child and to “tell everyone I’m sorry.” She reported hearing Aaden crying in the background during the phone call, the Hartford Courant reports.

Soon police officers as well as the mother were rushing to the Arrigoni Bridge where they found Moreno just before he jumped into the Connecticut River, according to court documents released on Wednesday. Moreno reportedly hurled himself over the bridge railing and into the river while officers shouted at him to stop.

A stroller was discovered nearby, but the baby was nowhere to be found.

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Officials were able to rescue Moreno. When he later regained consciousness, he reportedly admitted that he threw the baby in the river.

After a two-day search for the child, a canoeist recovered the infant’s corpse one mile down river.

Moreno was arraigned on Wednesday on charges of murder and murder with special circumstances as well as two counts of violating a restraining order.

His bail has been set at $2.1 million.

Here is the edited text message exchange between Moreno and Oyola, courtesy of Fox Connecticut. "A" indicates Adrianne and "T" indicates Tony.

11:18 T to A: I really need to talk to you
11:21 A to T: I was trying to talk to my friend. She just broke up with her boyfriend and wanted to talk to me Sorry I’m trying to be a good friend
11:21 T to A: Well I’m sorry there was a problem regarding our son
11:22 A to T: What’s going on.
11:23 A to T: ?!
11:23 A to T: Why didn’t you say that instead of saying I need to talk to you.
11:23 T to A: Clearly nothing that matters to you. And why would I say I NEED to talk to you if it wasn’t important
11:24 A to T: What was the matter?
11:26 T to A: Don’t worry, you’ll see later. Just remember I tried contact you first
11:26 A to T: Just tell me!
11:27 A to T: Are you in the hospital?
11:29 T to A: No, and again it doesn’t matter now. Just remember you wanted to play games and lie and be childish when I tried to reach out
11:30 A to T: Okay Tony. Good night I’ll talk to you tomorrow or Tuesday
11:30 T to A: No you won’t
11:30 A to T: What do you mean no?!
11:32 T to A: You won’t talk to me tomorrow or any other day
11:33 A to T: Tuesday is my day. So yes I’ll text you in the morning to see when you’ll be dropping off Aaden
11:33 T to A: I won’t be
11:33: A to T: Tuesday is my day
11:34 T to A: There is no more days Adrienne
11:34 A to T: Wtf you mean?!
11:35 T to A: Enjoy your new life without us
11:35 A to T: You can’t just decide not to bring him back Tony
11:37 A to T: It says in the agreement that Tuesday is my day
11:38 A to T: You can’t just not bring him!
11:39 A to T: Tony!!!!
11:41 A to T: Seriously. Don’t play around like that. Please don’t try and take him from me!!!!
11:41 T to A: You tried to take him away from me. You failed. I didn’t
11:42 T to A: Enjoy your life without us now
11:42 A to T: Where are you?!
11:43 A to T: Tony I’m trying to make this co parent thing work!
11:44 T to A: Your not a parent anymore
11:44 A to T: I’m trying to get along with you for Aaden and your guns do this?!
11:44 A to T: You can’t just up and leave with Aaden
11:45 A to T: Where are you!
11:45 A to T: Where’s Aaden?
11:45 T to A: He’s dead
11:45 T to A: And soon I will be too
11:45 A to T: Don’t day that!!!!
11:46 A to T: Your playing right now! Please tell me your kidding!!!!!!!!
11:48 A to T: Your ****** kidding me!!!!!!
11:49 A to T: Don’t ******* talk like that
11:49 A to T: You couldn’t kill your own son!
11:50 A to T: Tony
11:52 A to T: Please don’t hurt Aaden
11:53 A to T: Please!!!!!!!!

Source: FOX, Hartford Courant

Photo Credit: Hartford Courant, Handout/CBS New York


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