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Court Bans School Distribution of Plastic Fetus Dolls by Anti-Abortion Activists

All hell apparently broke loose when students from an anti-abortion group called "Relentless" gave out small plastic fetus dolls at two high schools in Roswell, New Mexico.

According to, the students used the small plastic fetus dolls to plug toilets, turned them inside out to look like penises and poured hand sanitizer on the dolls, which were then lit on fire.

In response to the chaos on January 29, 2010, administrators for the schools banned the distribution of the dolls, however, several students from Relentless sued the schools on First Amendment grounds.

This all came to light during a ruling by the United States Court of Appeals 10th Circuit, which said that Relentless could no longer distribute the plastic dolls due to the destructive behavior of the students who were given the pieces of plastic, reports

Relentless said that it gave away the dolls to “put God back into the school,” but the court ruled that the schools were correct to block the distribution of the fetus dolls because they caused disciplinary problems.

“While teachers were trying to instruct, students threw dolls and doll heads across classrooms, at one another, and into wastebaskets,” the court ruling stated. “Some teachers said the disruptions took eight to 10 minutes each class period, and others said their teaching plans were derailed entirely."

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