Beverly Hills, CA… Courage to Love, a novel by Beverly Hills resident, Robert Ellis, Tate Publishing & Enterprises, $14.99, softcover, a modern-day Mideast love story that celebrates the triumph of peace over hatred, is a compelling read and a heart-warming contribution to world peace, religious understanding and cross-cultural friendship.

What makes this love story different from many others?  It is a story torn straight from today’s headlines in the Gaza strip and turns the tragic aspect of “Romeo and Juliet” into a triumph as its youthful lovers are Haja, a Palestinian teen-ager who lives in the Jabalaya refugee camp in Gaza with her father and grandmother, and an American Lieutenant serving in the Israeli Army, Josh.  Their principal helpers are an Egyptian doctor, a Franciscan friar, and two nurses from Jordan and Ireland.

“I have been looking for a human scale story about the Middle East, but one that will both entertain and provoke.  In short, I believe Courage to Love is it.  Not since Elie Wiesel, the Nobel prize-winning writer, has an author distilled these conflicts into such human terms,” says filmmaker Bill Birrell.

Immaculate in his detailed descriptions, Ellis was inspired to write Courage to Love when he read two news items; one, that both Jewish and Palestinian war wounded were treated in the same municipal hospital in Israel; two, that a few families of dying Arab soldiers willed the vital physical parts of their children to Jews in need of them and vice versa.  He also realized that two of his close friends are first-named Mohamad and Jacob and that, sensing their bonds, they are always courteous and respectful to each other.

“To arrest the leakage of war, money, and lives spreading from the Middle East onto the shores of the entire world – we need to consider three facts.  One, that science tells us the blood in our bodies can be interchanged to heal, each with each other.  Two, that the Bible tells us men and women in all their faiths, are descended of one spiritual family.  Three, we must learn to suspend prejudices and start to walk the walk, and talk the talk of life on earth for all of us,” explains Ellis.

About Robert Ellis

Author Robert Ellis learned the writer’s trade as a US Army war correspondent, faculty member at the US Army Biarritz American University, reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News, West Coast editor for Ebony Magazine.  He is a member of Pen America. Courage to Love, Tate Publishing & Enterprises, $14.99, softcover, is his first novel.

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