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Couple's Wedding Present To Each Other Has Them Looking At A Decade In Prison

A Massachusetts couple is facing serious charges after allegedly recruiting a 15-year-old girl from a dating website to have a threesome.

According to reports, 34-year-old Edward Chang and his 25-year-old wife Thanaphat Ratanasirivillai allegedly found the teenage victim on dating website OKCupid. They reportedly arranged to meet in a Jacuzzi room at a hotel in West Springfield, Massachusetts, but a hotel worker switched their room after seeing that Chang was with two women.

The sexual encounter reportedly happened on their wedding night, and the couple decided to do it as a “gift” to each other. The then-15-year-old victim told investigators that she joined the site because she was lonely at school and wanted to meet people. After the victim met Ratanasirivillai on the dating website, the threesome was eventually initiated.

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Now, both Chang and his wife are facing serious jail time if convicted of charges stemming from the 2012 incident, with Chang facing the mandatory 10 years in jail due to the age difference.

“It's not a website someone uses to troll for youth to have sex with. I believe you'll hear it's a very popular website - because it's free,” said Chang’s lawyer Michael O. Jennings to the jury. “They had an interest in including a third party in a sexual relationship.”

The trial will reportedly be finished next week at some point.

Sources: Daily MailMassLive


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