Couple's Shocking Altercation With Aggressive Police Goes Viral (Video)


A couple in Sandusky, Ohio, was driving home with their two-week-old baby in the back seat when they were stopped by police officers. Police ran a search on the woman’s vehicle and found out it was valid, but police refused to let them go, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

According to The Free Thought Project, Andre Stockett, the man who recorded the footage, was with his wife and his two-week-old baby when they were stopped. The officer in the clip tells them that he is checking to see if the woman’s car is valid, but even after he finds out it is, the officers still give them problems. The officer talking to Stockett says that he looks like a person they have a warrant out for, even calling Stockett by the wrong name.

The officer then seemingly proceeds to change his story, alleging that they pulled the woman over because she didn’t have her headlights on, even though Stockett points out that it’s not dark out. The officer then tells Stockett that they called a drug-sniffing dog out to walk around the vehicle and that the dog got a hit on something, even though Stockett continually denies that there’s anything in the vehicle.

As the situation becomes more heated and more officers show up at the scene, the officer tries to get both Stockett and his wife to step out of the car, warning them that they could be arrested for obstruction of an investigation. Stockett refuses, saying that they have no probably cause, and the officer threatens to call child services to take away the couple’s child.

By the end of the clip, the wife has had enough and, scared that the officers will take their baby away, gets out of the car. Stockett eventually gets out of the vehicle and is arrested just as the video ends.

It’s not clear exactly what the outcome of this situation is or the current status of Stockett’s obstruction charge, but The Free Thought Project says that he plans to fight it. Take a look at the shocking video below and decided for yourself whether or not the officers were right.

Sources: The Free Thought ProjectReclaiming Our Way


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