Couple's Dog Comes Home For The Holidays After Vet Does Emergency Surgery For Free


A Florida couple has been reunited with their beloved dog Lola just in time for the holidays.

Lola’s owners, Sumey and David Hageman, were forced to give their 4-year-old dachshund up to an animal rescue group after finding out that they couldn’t afford $6,000 back surgery for a slipped disk that caused Lola to be unable to walk. The heartbroken couple, who has a 2-year-old son and recently bought a house, simply had no other option.

“We had to do what was best for her,” Sumey Hageman said.

When veterinarian Michael Wong, who performed the surgery for free, heard that the Hagemans would be forced to give up Lola because of the surgery’s price tag, he knew he had to help. Knowing that the couple would lose visitation rights once Lola was turned over to the rescue group, Wong asked the group if he could give Lola back to them when the surgery was complete. They agreed.

“I was doing the surgery, and it came to me,” Wong said. “I wanted to give them their dog back.”

Sumey and David visited the rescue group last week thinking that they were simply going for a visit. When they arrived, Wong told them the good news and brought Lola out to them dressed in red and green bows. “This is the best Christmas gift I could’ve gotten,” Sumey said.

“I can’t imagine having to make that kind of decision,” Wong said of the painful choice the Hageman’s were forced to make.

David Hageman said he’s thrilled to have his dog back in time for the holidays.

“Basically it’s having your whole family back together for Christmas,” Hageman said. “It’s amazing.”

Source: Miami Herald / Photo Credit: Screenshot via


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