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Couple Writes Romance E-Books To Save Their Home

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A year ago, Detroit couple, Jack and Jasinda Wilder, found themselves and their five children in deep financial trouble. The Wilder’s son was very ill, which forced Jack to leave his job as a teacher to care for his son. Jasinda, also a teacher, likewise lost her income when her school canceled the music and theater program.

The couple’s financial trouble got so bad they predicted they were about a month away from losing their home.

With no other options to turn to, they decided to head to the basement and start writing books.

"We just started writing like mad," Jasinda told CBS News. "I think in like six months we put out 20 titles. We decided we weren’t going to leave our house. I think we showered three times."

The couple’s self-published e-books were a series of romance novels that gained internet popularity fast. Soon the Wilder’s earned enough to cover their mortgage payment of $1,200 a month.

Each book became more popular than the last. Finally this spring, the couple’s romance “Falling Into You” made the New York Times Best Seller list and #1 on Amazon.

Jasinda told CBS News when she heard the news about Amazon she was “crying hysterically.” She then called her husband to tell him the news of their success.

"I'm like Amazon! Look at Amazon!" Jasinda said of the phone conversation.

With the success of their novels, the couple is comforted to know they will not have to worry about becoming homeless once again.

"I just said to my boys our lives are never going to be the same,” Jasinda said. “And we're never going to be in that situation ever again."

CBS reports in less than a year, the Wilders — who asked that their pen names be used in the story — have sold almost one million e-books. But the couple is not taking their success for granted.

"I think [about almost losing the house] every night before we go to bed and we're saying our prayers … we're very grateful, and we're humble,” Jasinda said. “And we know what a miracle this is."

Source: CBS News

Photo Credit: CBS News


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