Couple Who Found Abandoned Baby In Dumpster Plan To Adopt It

A California couple who found an abandoned baby in their apartment complex’s dumpster says they plan to adopt the child.

Late last week, Jimmy and Annette Alvarez awoke to a scream outside of their Merced, Calif., apartment. Jorge Miranda was digging through the dumpster for cans and bottles to recycle when he happened across a baby wrapped in a towel. He immediately called out for help, and the Alvarez’s quickly came outside to see what was going on. They were shocked to see that the newborn baby had been placed inside the dumpster.

Jimmy quickly wrapped the baby girl up in his t-shirt as Annette tried to warm her up using her hands, and the baby soon started to breathe normally.

“The baby was lying in the corner of the dumpster, half naked, the umbilical cord hanging,” said Jimmy, who decided to name the girl Milagro, which means miracle. “It was a miracle she was there; it was a miracle she was found. I’m just grateful it wasn't dumpster day.”

After searching the area for the mother of the child, police were eventually able to track down a 13-year-old girl who admitted to giving birth to the infant girl.

“This individual has ... admitted to detectives that she is the mother of the abandoned child,” said police Capt. Tom Trindad. “Investigators are still talking with the juvenile regarding her pregnancy and the details surrounding the birth.”

Jimmy and Annette, who reportedly used to be foster parents and already have 37 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, have already begun the process of securing the adoption of Milagro.

Sources: Daily Mail, Merced Sun-Star


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