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Couple Commits Suicide After Allegedly Murdering Someone

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A couple who seen holding hands while jumping to their deaths from the George Washington Bridge in New York City on Monday is suspected of murder.

41-year-old Gary Crockett and 40 year-old Nickie Circelli were identified as the couple that had committed suicide by jumping from more than 200 feet above the Hudson River. According to the Daily Mail, several witnesses saw the couple fall from the bridge. They were pulled out of the river by NYPD officials and taken to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s hospital in Manhattan, where they were both later pronounced dead. 

Circelli’s uncle was also allegedly found asphyxiated in the apartment the couple shared with him in Suffern, N.Y. The man’s body was found by his business partner, with whom he ran a catering business.

Crockett and Circelli had been staying with Circelli's uncle without paying rent, and they allegedly stole money from his bank account. After becoming fearful the man would go to the police, the couple was prompted to commit the murder, law enforcement officials suggest.

According to the New York Daily News, the man’s business partner provided law enforcement officials with a letter when they arrived at the scene for an investigation which revealed an apology from Crockett and Circelli. Although the couple did not have identification on them after the jump, law enforcement officials connected the two with the murder that took place in Suffren. 


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