Obese Couple Scams Money From Taxpayers (Video)


A couple used their obesity to their advantage and lived off of government benefits, claiming that they were simply "too fat to work" (video below). 

Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe said that when they started getting government benefits, they were honestly using the money for a caretaker and other expenses related to taking care of themselves.

However, it was soon revealed that they were using more than $4,000 of their benefits to plan a lavish wedding. Beer explained that not only did the couple’s obesity make it difficult for them, it also complicated their sex life.

“When you’re so big your love life goes out the window. You can’t even make love,” he told Mirror. “But since we’ve lost weight we’ve done it for the first time in well over a year. I felt sorry for the caravan floor! We didn’t do it on the floor though, we were on the bed. But being happy isn’t all about sex.”

When the couple admitted on live television that they used their government benefits to pay for their wedding, they were given an opportunity to redeem themselves by going to a boot camp called Fat-Off-Fit-On. Both were sent to a secret location in England, and five months later revealed their dramatic weight loss. 

“When we first came I was doing seated exercises. Now I can run up and down. Everything has changed about me now,” Beer said. “I’ve come off blood pressure ­medication and antidepressants. I’ve even stopped medication for type 2 diabetes. I feel fantastic, we both do. If I’d stayed sitting around at home I would be dead by now. But thanks to Fat-Off-Fit-On I’ve saved my life.” 

Following their weight loss, Beer said the couple was beginning to focus on getting back to work.

“I can understand why everyone was against us in the beginning but I want to forget about that and move on. We’ve come a long way now. We’re not sitting at home on our backsides, we’re doing something about it. I don’t want to scrounge off the government. It’s not right,” he said. “At the moment our benefits are going towards paying for this.”

Sources: AWM, "This Morning"/YouTube, Mirror / Photo credit: "This Morning" via AWM 

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