Rescue Team Saves Dog Trapped In Tree (Photos)

Thanks to a team of good Samaritans, a dog that was stuck in the base of a tree is now reunited with her family.

A group of rescuers in Port Orange, Florida, played a role in helping a dog whose head was completely trapped in the bottom of a large tree, according to WTVT.

Port Orange Police Department said a few local residents alerted it to the distressed dog while they were walking their own dog on March 24. They heard a whimpering noise in a wooded area, and when they checked it out, they found a dog trapped in the base of a tree.

The police department, fire department and a local veterinarian worked together to free the dog, which was initially referred to as "Jane the Dog" before the team was informed by her owners that her name was Sailor. Dr. Katie Malensek sedated the animal while first responders used chain saws, winches and Jaws of Life to get Sailor out from under the tree.

"She’s been there a while, she’s roughed up that left side of her head," someone from the rescue team said in a video from the Port Orange Police Department.

Sailor was taken to Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic to start her recovery while rescuers worked to find the owner. According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, the dog was reunited with her owners on March 26.

On its Facebook page, the police department detailed the rescue and thanked everyone who played a role in returning Sailor to her family.

"Wonderful people," wrote Kathy Marie King-Stewart. "With so much negativity going on touching to see humanity in action."

The post had received more than 1,900 likes and had been shared more than 680 times in three days.

"Just want to say thank you to the police department and to ravenwood vets for saving that precious lady," wrote Bea Winters. "She must of been so scared.  Also thanks to the people that heard her crying and they helped also. This was a great story."

Sources: WTVT, The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Port Orange Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Port Orange Police Department/Facebook

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