Caretakers Allegedly Steal From Dying Woman And Mother


Officials charged two Pennsylvania caretakers March 9 for allegedly stealing from a dying woman and her mother.

Adam Gondol and his girlfriend, April Hollenbach, allegedly stole thousands of dollars from Jerlene George and her now deceased daughter in 2015, in addition to taking various valuable items, WNEP reports.

George said she sought assistance after she got involved in a car accident and needed help for both herself and her daughter. Hollenbach is reportedly related to George's daughter through marriage, and Hollenbach and Gondol served as live-in caretakers for George and her daughter starting in March 2015.

"My mother's engagement and wedding ring, my engagement and wedding ring, and the diamond ring my husband gave me,” George told WNEP, recalling the items the couple reportedly took.

Gondol and Hollenbach are also accused of stealing pills and guns from George and her daughter.

The couple even allegedly committed theft the day George's daughter passed away in August 2015. They used George and her daughter's credit cards to buy two cell phones, calling cards and "a bunch of other stuff," according to George.

A few months after her daughter died, George filed a police report against them.

Investigations began in October 2015. Now the caretakers have been charged with theft, forgery and criminal conspiracy.

While Gondol was released on bail, Hollenbach was already in jail on unrelated drug charges.

"April, I can't believe you could be so rotten," George said. "And I'm sorry that you are. But I hope you die in jail."

The incident follows many other cases in which authorities have charged caregivers for theft.

A healthcare worker and four others in Arizona were arrested in February for allegedly stealing from those they were hired to take care of, KVOA reported.

“You are the lowest of the low when you prey on children and the elderly,” one victim, who chose to remain anonymous, said.

Following the incident, police said companies should start performing better background checks to better tackle the problem.

“I think there's a lot more they can do to insure that people that they hire and put into people's homes that they can be trusted,” Det. Mike Cruce of the Oro Valley Police Department said.

Sources: WNEPKVOA / Photo Credit:, CreditCardMagz

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