Couple Unknowingly Drives With Body On Their Car Trunk (Photos)

A couple from Memphis, Tennessee, was shocked when police pulled them over to say they were driving with an unconscious man lying on their trunk.

Carl Webb and his wife, Hazel, were attending a barbecue cooking contest on May 18, according to WJHL. Webb parked in a large lot with more than 100 cars. The lot wasn't particularly well lit and the couple had backed their car into the spot. 

When they got in their car to drive home, they approached the vehicle from the front. Without looking at the back, they got into the car and drove approximately 10 miles on the interstate before being stopped by police. 

An officer approached the driver's window and asked Webb, "Sir, do you know you have a body on your trunk?"

Webb told WHBQ that the question "did not register," and the police officer had to ask again.

"Mr. I'm not messing with you," said the officer. "There's a body on your trunk."

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Webb got out of his car and followed the officer to the back of his vehicle where, sure enough, there was an unconscious man lying on his trunk.

"He was still hanging on, still unconscious, just lying there," said Webb.

The trunk is only about 14 inches wide. Webb was baffled as to why the man was on the trunk in the first place and, more importantly, how he was able to stay on the vehicle while it was moving. 

"I have no explanation other than that little lip right there saved his life," said Webb.

The officer roused the sleeping man, who appeared to have passed out from drinking. Webb says the man was so drunk that he got off the trunk and began stumbling into traffic. Luckily, the officer grabbed him and guided him to his cruiser.

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Webb is relieved the man is still alive, but says it was a close call. He hopes the man will use this incident to reconsider his drinking habits.

"I hope he takes a good look at where he put himself and the hazard that he had open up to himself," he said. "It would've been death."

He also thanked the police officer who noticed the man in the first place.

"Good job man, good job. It was just outstanding," he said.

It's unclear whether the sleeping man, whose identity has yet to be released, was charged with anything. WHBQ reached out to Memphis Police Department for comment, but has not heard back.

Sources: WJHL, WHBQ / Photo credit: Daniel R Blume/Flickr, WJHL

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