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Stranger Buys Bike For Boy Recovering From Heart Surgery


A couple shopping at Walmart with their young son, who recently underwent open heart surgery, was reportedly moved by an act of kindness from a fellow customer.

Cody Reinert of Venice, Florida, told WFLA that his son, Jordan, had to undergo the surgery sometime in April. Doctors decided to operate on the boy because of a heart murmur and a pulmonary vein on the bottom of his heart that needed to be relocated.

"These problems were causing his heart to be so enlarged that his heart was taking up his whole rib cage," Reinert told the news station.

Jordan spent one week in the hospital recovering from his surgery before being discharged. At home, he continued to experience health issues.

"We were unable to hold him, hug him or pick him up under his armpits, he had very limited walking due to constant dizziness, no baths or being submerged in water, and unable to go outside," Reinert said about his son's recovery.

In May, Reinert and his girlfriend, Corrine, took Jordan shopping at a Walmart store in Osprey, Florida.

"Since Jordan had his surgery he keeps asking for a Dirt Bike so we put him on one to see if he could attempt to ride it," Reinert explained.

"While doing so people around us were cheering him on and watching him ride it. A Walmart employee even helped him learn how to keep his feet on the pedals. Jordan pedaled past an older gentleman and stopped."

The man engaged in a conversation with the couple, who told him that their son was recovering from heart surgery. The man asked how the recovery was going before parting ways.

The couple told Jordan that the bike was too expensive and that they would have to wait until they could afford it. While the family was waiting in the checkout line, however, the man that they had spoken to earlier approached them and handed them some money.

The man told Reinert and Corrine to "please go buy that boy the bike" and refused to take the money when the couple tried to give it back.

After accepting the money, Reinert thanked the man and he walked away. Corrine broke into tears. The family looked for the man to thank him again, but they could not find him anywhere in the store or parking lot.

"It makes my heart happy to know that good people still exist and we were blessed with his kindness," Reinert and Corrine said. "I just want to take the time and thank this man … wherever he may be … and I want him to know that he made Jordan a very happy little boy."

This was not the first time a Walmart customer was moved by a random act of kindness.

In December 2014, a cashier at a Walmart store in Rotterdam, New York, gave an elderly customer $40 out of her own pocket to help him pay for his groceries, ABC 10 reported at the time. 

Sources: WFLAABC 10 / Photo Credit: Cody Reinert/WFLA

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