Couple Strip Searched Because Storeowner Accused Them Of Stealing $3 Earrings (Video)


A Houston, Texas couple claims they were strip searched in a Beauty Supply store over a pair of $3 earrings.

Deadra Pattum says she went into Y Beauty Supply in Houston with her fiance John Marsden to buy hair extensions, and when she went to pay for a $3 pair of earrings, she was overcharged. Pattum says she then went to put the earrings back, and that’s when the storeowner accused them of stealing.

“The owner said you people always steal,” said Marsden. “And he said give me the earrings and I call police. My rights were revoked.”

After accusing the two of stealing, the owner called the police and wouldn’t let the couple leave the building. He then, according to reports, forced Marsden to strip so that he could search him for stolen items.

“So I took off my socks and shoes and I took off my pants,” said Marsden. “I was nervous."

Reports say that once a security officer showed up to the store, the surveillance video was reviewed and it was determined that Pattum and Marsden did nothing wrong.

“She never left the counter with those earrings in her hand,” said the guard. “There was no evidence of shoplifting.”

The storeowner has yet to comment on the matter, but he claims that many people have shoplifted from his store.

“Everybody doesn’t shoplift," said Pattum. "Everybody is not a thief. There are still honest people in the world.”


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