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Unidentified Sea Creature Discovered By Canadian Couple

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A Canadian couple found a ‘very strange’ creature on a private beach area near their home. 

The Journal Pioneer reports that Nick Nickerson and his wife, Joan, were on their private beach when they discovered a creature they describe as a “jellified leech of some type.”  

Nickerson said he’s never seen anything like it.  “Absolutely nothing,” he said. “We’ve lived here 14 years. I was on Lake Milo for 10 years.”

The creature was found on Doctors Lake in Hebron, Canada.  It is about 12 and a half inches long, transparent, with what appears to be an intestinal tract that runs from one end to the other. 

Whatever it was, it was already dead when Nickerson found it.  He said he is keeping the creature in a bucket of water while he contacts the Department of Natural Resources about it.  

"The Department of Natural Resources creates knowledge and facilitates learning to improve society’s stewardship of the environment and promote a conservation ethos for a sustainable planet,” according to their website. "[The department] will continue to be a world leader in scholarship addressing social and ecological dimensions of natural resources and the environment to improve environmental sustainability.” 

It is unclear if there are other similar creatures in the waters nearby.  This one will have to be examined before any determination can be made. 

Sources: Journal Pioneer, Department of Natural Resources / Photo Credit: Journal Pioneer

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