Couple Steals Gas in Hilarious Fuel Heist Slip-Up (Video)


Queensland police are still searching for a couple who caused a major spill – or rather, two major spills – last week at a Caltex gas station in Mount Warren Park near Brisbane.

The couple reportedly drove up to a pump, where a woman got out and began to fill the tank. 

Perhaps struck by nerves (a gas station employee had begun to linger nearby), the driver of the vehicle hit the gas, sending the woman at the pump flying, and ripping the hose straight out of its socket. 

The woman popped up from her tumble, ripped the detached pump from the tank, and hopped in the car before it peeled off, leaving gas spewing from station. The partners-in-crime have yet to be tracked down, but, fortunately for us, the internet has provided us with eternal video entertainment.

According the The Australian, this type of crime is apparently an epidemic in the area, and often its cars with stolen plates are used for the missions. We’ll see if our featured couple can slip and slide their way out of this one!

Source: The Blaze, The Australian


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