Couple Speaks Out About Being Held Hostage by Christopher Dorner

The husband and wife who were tied up and held hostage by Christopher Dorner in a cabin are now speaking out on the ordeal.

Jim and Karen Reynolds went to their cabin in Big Bear on Tuesday morning and found that Dorner had been staying in an upstairs room.

Karen said Dorner did not act violent or angry, and was “calm and methodical.” Despite him seeming so, she said her first instinct was to run, at which point Dorner quickly chased after her.

She attempted to run up the stairs but Dorner caught her and dragged her away.

Dorner then tried to keep the couple calm, telling them repeatedly that he wasn’t going to kill them. He tied up their hands and feet with zip ties, stuffed their mouths with washcloths and put pillowcases over their heads.

Then he wrapped electrical cords around their heads.

After being bound, Karen was certain that death would follow.

“I really thought it could be the end,” she said.

Though early reports said the housekeepers had found Dorner, it was the Reynolds who discovered him.

Dorner continued to tell them he wasn’t going to kill them and that they should remain calm.

Jim said, “He said he just wanted to clear his name.”

Karen added,” He said he needed transportation out of big bear. He continued to say to us quite frequently he would not kill us and just asked us to do what he asked. He knelt down beside me and said, ‘You’re going to be quiet, right?’”

Dorner then took some time to get his belongings before he took their car and drove away.

The couple waited a few minutes until they knew he had left, then they began pulling the pillowcases off their heads and managed to call 911.

Only a few hours later, Dorner was killed in another home that burned down after fires were shot by San Bernardino sherrif’s deputies.

After it was all over, Karen told reporters that she never wished him dead.

“I didn’t wish him dead at any point. I prayed for him,” she said.

The couple was in the process of cleaning their property after a snowstorm had hit. Dorner had been watching them, and said they were hard workers and good people.

Karen said, “He could see [Jim] working on the snow every day."



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