Couple Scams Gun Stores Out of Over a Dozen Guns with Bogus Checks


Latonya Michelle Martin and Kevin Marcus Holt of Oklahoma City have been accused of using bogus checks to purchase guns. Investigators believe the two suspects managed to get their hands on thousands of dollars worth of firearms from local distributors.

Police explained that the scammers wrote checks after 5 p.m. when the store owners were unable to verify the check with the bank.

Apparently, Martin and Holt made a good team. Henry Israel of Henry's Guns in Yukon explained, "They were very well polished and practiced."

The two thieves managed to swindle Israel out of $3,000 worth of firearms and ammunition.

"For a little ma and pa operation, $3,000 is a lot of money," Henry said. "That's profits for a long time ... A couple of the others that were taken advantage of were friends of mine. We've been around the gun business for a very long time."

These gun store owners would undoubtedly love to get their merchandise back, but unfortunately police are having trouble locating the firearms. It is quite likely that the pair had already sold the guns to other criminals for a hefty profit.

The two got their just rewards in the end, at least. Martin and Holt are stuck in jail under a $200,000 bond. Police have recommended that prosecutors file 12 charges against the two, and the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office already has evidence Martin was allegedly writing bogus checks. Their crime spree will likely end in a jail cell.

Gun store owners might want to stop and think twice about accepting a check for a high-priced weapon after hours. As tempting as it might be to make the sale, Latonya Martin and Kevin Holt demonstrated that criminals will do just about anything to get their hands on ill-gotten firearms. 

Source: News9


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