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Couple Says They Were Robbed At Gunpoint While Trying To Buy Car From Craigslist Seller

A couple from Lenexa, Kansas, trusted that a person selling her car on Craigslist was who she said she was – but were instead horrified to discover they were reportedly set up to be robbed.

Jennifer Peterson and her husband, Craig Peterson, reportedly answered a Craigslist ad for a 2006 Impala that was selling for $3,200. They say they agreed to meet the female seller at a QuikTrip in Overland Park after they spoke with her on the phone, reports Fox 4 News.

But after waiting for the seller for about 30 minutes, they say she called and told them she lived down the block and that they could just stop by her house to see the car. They obliged and reportedly knocked on a door to a home that look abandoned.

A black car allegedly drove up to the house and two men and a woman got out with an assault rifle and demanded that the couple get on the ground. Jennifer says the robbers hit her husband in the head with the rifle and then took less than $200 in cash that they were going to use to buy their four children Christmas presents, her iPad, and her purse – which contained credit cards and a checkbook.

“We didn’t have much, anyway,” Jennifer said. “As they were leaving, the guy with the gun said, 'You better pray that the money is in the purse or we’re coming back after you.' I don’t even remember them touching me or anything but I know they took everything out of my pockets.”

The couple told police the car had a Missouri license plate, but that it was partially covered with plastic. As of now, police have not made any arrests in connection with this incident, but have warned Craigslist users to only meet sellers in public places.

Source: Fox 4 News/Photo Credit: Alisha Vargas/Flickr


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