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Couple Saves House by Writing Erotic E-Books

A couple who was on the verge of losing their house decided to start writing erotic novels to make extra money.

Their novels turned out to be so successful that they were able to make their mortgage payments and get back on their feet.

Jack and Jasinda Wilder of Detroit began writing in their basement. They have now sold almost one million e-books and one of their novels reached the number one spot on Amazon.

The Wilder's, who are only going by their pen names, were a month away from foreclosing on their home.

The two experienced financial struggles after Jasinda, a music teacher, saw her income cut with the cancellation of a school program.

Jack also had to leave a teaching program after their youngest of five kids became sick.

With no other way of making money, the two decided to follow in Fifty Shades of Grey's footsteps by writing erotic e-books. 

"So we just started writing like mad," Jasinda said. "And I think in like six months we put out 20 titles. We decided we weren't going to leave our house. I think we showered three times."

After every book was finished, their sales became higher and higher. One of their books, called Falling Into You, made it to the New York Times Best Seller list.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS


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