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Couple Save Baiting Dog's Life After It Was Thrown From A Car By Dog Fighters

A British couple may have saved the life of an abused and abandoned whippet dog after it was thrown from a car by dog fighters.

Lucy Edwards and Graham Houghton were driving along the M56 in Cheshire on April 5 when they noticed the injured dog, the Daily Mail reported.

The couple pulled over to the side of the road and helped highway patrol and RSPCA rescue the dog. They made a makeshift stretcher using items from their car after the dog turned out to be too large for the animal rescue’s emergency carrier.

The dog had a broken leg, bites and a collapsed lung. RSPCA told the couple that if no one could pay for his surgeries, it would have to put the dog down. The couple decided to take the dog, which they named Chance, into their home.

“At first we didn't have a clue what had happened to Chance, and we thought he had been hit by a car,” Edwards told the Daily Mail. “I spotted the traffic officers on the side of the road. As we slowed down we noticed there was a blanket on the floor and all we saw was his head sticking out from under.”

“We are both animal lovers so we decided to stop and help,” the mother of three said. “They were quite surprised. I ended up sitting on the grass verge with him. I started stroking him to keep him calm. He only cried out once or twice but each time he did it was heartbreaking, a really soulful sort of noise.He looked me full in the face with big brown eyes so full of pain and fear that it broke my heart, yet he trusted us to help him."

She fell in love with him on the spot.

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“The RSPCA made it very clear to us that if we couldn't — or someone couldn't — pay for surgery, he would have to be put to sleep. We couldn't let that happen, to be put to sleep for a broken leg.Before this happened, Graham and I had said that we were not having any more cats or dogs but with Chance we both looked at each other and decided he was coming home with us.”

The couple took Chance to Chester Gates Hospital, where the dog underwent life-saving surgery. Metal plates were inserted into the dog’s legs and his lungs were treated.

Edwards took out a $4,700 loan to pay for Chance’s medical bills. Veterinarians conducted a medical examination on the dog, which revealed the disturbing cause of Chance’s injuries.

Chance had bite wounds consistent with those from dog-fighting. The vet thinks the whippet might have been used as a baiting dog and was probably thrown from the car.

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'”The vet told us that his injuries were not consistent with being hit by a car,” Edwards said. “They had found lots of puncture wounds in him and a lot of scarring consistent with dog bites. She said that in her professional opinion he had been used as a baiting dog.”

The couple have received support from friends, family and pet lovers with covering Chance’s medical bills. A GoFundMe page has met the $3,100 goal.

“As soon as he saw us after surgery his tail started wagging and he was trying to stand up,” said Edwards. “On the way home he was trying to move closer to me and looked me in the eyes and there as that moment of recognition and he absolutely covered me in kisses.

“This little boy has been to hell and back but and he is now doing absolutely amazingly well.”

Sources: Daily Mail, GoFundMe

Photo Credit: GoFundMe


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