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Couple Rescue Navy SEAL Who Crashed Motorcycle The Day Before (Photos)

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A couple in Washington rescued a motorcyclist who crashed his bike and fell down an embankment.

The couple were driving through the Columbia River Gorge in Stevenson, Washington, on June 5 when they noticed an abandoned motorcycle on its side along the roadway, reported KPTV. Anson Service and his wife had been hiking in the area and saw the bike on their initial drive in. They ultimately decided to pull over after noticing as they were leaving that the bike was still in the same place. 

“I kind of had this nagging feeling to pull over,” Service said. While inspecting the area around the bike, Service looked down an embankment and saw a man lying at least 30 feet below. He rushed to the man’s side.

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“You could see where he hit on this big boulder down below and bounced into the water,” he told WLTX. The man, later identified as 46-year-old Navy SEAL Matt L'Hommedieu, was in and out of consciousness when the couple found him.

“I told him help was on its way,” Service said. Because the couple were in a remote area with no cellphone service, they had to drive 20 miles away to dial 911.

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Emergency workers subsequently responded to the scene and rescued L’Hommedieu with a rope. They later learned the crash happened the day before, and the former SEAL had been on the embankment for an entire day. 

According to Service, L’Hommedieu created a leg split out of his smartphone cord and some sticks he gathered from nearby. He had initially landed in the water after being thrown from his bike, but managed to pull himself up and onto a rock.

L’Hommedieu has a broken leg, broken shoulder and four broken ribs.

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“I don't have the words to thank them,” L’Hommedieu’s mother, Gretchen, told reporters. “I thank them from the bottom of my heart and that's all I know how to say. They just had a feeling that they should stop and they did, thank God.”

Sources: KPTV, WLTX

Photo Credit: Skamania County Sheriff's Office via WLTX


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