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Couple Rescues A Disabled Dog From Euthanasia

Lisa and Chris Bassett were heart broken with their dog Griffin passed almost a year ago. Griffin was known as “The Bulldog on Wheels,” and the couple described him as “an indomitable, incredible, bossy, vivacious dog.”

The Bassett family, of Freeport, Maine, decided to adopt another disabled dog, despite their grief over losing Griffin. The new dog was appropriately named Chance.

“Chance was introduced to us within days of losing Griffin and he was born with malformed joints,” Chris said. “So his elbows and all four legs didn’t have much cartilage to hold them together.”

Though Chance couldn’t walk, they decided to take him in. “He was about to be euthanized and someone at the shelter saw he had a lot of life and a lot of spunk and could maybe persevere through his difficulties,” Chris said.

Now, thanks to several surgeries and months of therapy, Chance is learning how to walk. “We’re seeing him grow and thrive and he gets around better than we ever thought he would,” Lisa said.

Despite his difficult path, Chance is just like any other dog. Chris said, “He’s really strong and always wants to be the top dog in the house.”

The couple hopes Chance encourages others to adopt special needs dogs and inspires humans and K-9’s alike to keep going, no matter what. “It’s perseverance. It’s strength,” Chris said. “You can get through any disability and still live a normal life.”

Source: Bangor Daily News Image via Bangor Daily News


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