Couple Rescues Deer That Falls Into Their Pool (Video)


One couple captured national attention for rescuing a young deer after it fell into their pool.

Alicia Angeli was outside with her dogs when she spotted the head of the animal just above the pool’s surface in her backyard in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, reports.

She quickly alerted her husband, James, who immediately tried to save the deer.

Alicia also promptly began filming the scene.

Tapping on the side of the above-ground pool, James encouraged the deer to swim over.

The man quickly hoisted the animal out of the water and brought him to the ground safely.

At first, the deer was unable to move and grew frightened when the family’s dog became excited at the sight of him.

Alicia placed blankets over the deer and even helped him warm up with her own body heat.

Eventually, the deer was able to stand up and run back to his home in the woods.

It’s not the first time a young deer rescue has captured international attention.

In March, construction workers in Washington saved two baby deer stuck in mud, reports Earth Touch News Network.

"I wouldn’t have seen them if they hadn’t moved and caught my eye!" said Bill Davis, who discovered the animals and posted a recording of the incident. In the month since it was posted, the video has been viewed almost 200,000 times and shared more than 2,000 times.

The workers had to use heavy equipment to save the deer.

"Found a couple yearling black tail deer stuck in some mud! Couldn't watch them struggle!" Davis wrote on Facebook.

Since the animals have been saved, he worries others may end up stuck at the site too.

"I didn't sleep much [after the rescue]," he said. "All I could think about was those little guys getting stuck again, and not finding mama! I'm out there looking to make sure the babies didn't come back to the mud!"

Still, many praised Davis, with one user calling him a “hero.”

Sources: LittleThings, Earth Touch News Network, Bill Davis/Facebook / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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