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Couple Rescue Utah Woman Who Was Trapped In Her Car For Two Days After Crash

A Utah woman is lucky to be alive after being trapped inside her wrecked car several hundred feet down a mountain for two days.

Heather Blackwelder, 29, of Highland, was driving on SR-92 in American Fork Canyon on Tuesday, KSL reported. Her vehicle went off the road and through a guardrail, according to Sgt. Spencer Cannon, of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

Blackwelder’s vehicle traveled several hundred feet down the mountain and landed right side up. The car was hidden behind thick trees and vegetation and Blackwelder was unable to get out of the vehicle.

Spencer Dreyden and his girlfriend, Cleo, were taking pictures near the area on Thursday when they heard someone calling for help, Fox 13 reported. They found Blackwelder seriously injured and Cleo went to Mutual Dell to call for paramedics.

Dreyden called it a “miracle” that Blackwelder was in any condition to shout for help.

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“From the distance of where the road was, and the condition that the car was in, it just, it seemed like she should have been way more injured than that,” Dreyden told Fox 13. “She wasn’t punctured at all by any of the metal in the car or anything like that. She just had, what I believed to be bones that were broken from being tumbled around.”

Blackwelder was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center by LifeFlight. She was in serious condition, but her injuries were not life-threatening, Cannon said.

Cannon added that Blackwelder had not been reported missing and is lucky to be alive.

“Had somebody not found her today or the next day or so she would have died," he told KSL. “It could literally have been years before she was found. (The area) is not a hiking trail, it's not along a trail. It has thick trees and is on the side of the mountain. The car could have been well rusted before she was found.”

Sources: KSL, Fox 13

Photo Credit: Facebook via Fox 13, KSL


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