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Couple Prolongs Standoff With Police To Have Sex 'One Last Time'

A couple in Jacksonville, Florida, agreed to give themselves up to police who had surrounded their mobile home, but only after they had sex "one last time."

Police went to the mobile home in search of Ryan Patrick Bautista, 34, who was wanted on several warrants, including armed burglary, authorities told First Coast News, according to The Florida-Times Union. 

Leanne Hunn, 30, was in the mobile home with Bautista, as were two other women.

A standoff ensued between police and the couple for about 45 minutes while they tried to make contact with them.

The two women inside the mobile home wanted to leave after police arrived but Bautista and Hunn forced them to remain inside, The Florida Times-Herald reports.

Police finally managed to get Hunn on the phone and she told them they would give themselves up, but she wanted to have sex with Bautista “one last time.”

The standoff began at 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 14 and lasted until 4 a.m. the following morning.

SWAT team negotiators arrived on the scene, and Bautista and Hunn were arrested. They were both charged with resisting arrest without violence and false imprisonment, KXAN reports.

Michael V. Forte, 34, who was wanted in connection with a fatal shooting in September, was also arrested on an armed robbery warrant.

There is no report on whether the couple did, in fact, have sex one last time before their arrests.

Sources: The Florida Times-Union, KXAN / Photo credit: New York Daily News


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