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Couple Posts Selfie With Stolen Phone To Victim's Cloud Account, Police Searching For Them

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Police are on the search for two "persons of interest" who just posted a selfie using a stolen device, Fox reports.

Not only did the couple post a selfie with the stolen device, but they also posted it onto the cloud account of the person the device was stolen from.

The victim, an unnamed Santa Clarita, Calif. woman, reported a burglary on July 30th. According to deputy Josh Dubin, the burglar stole cash and either a tablet or a phone. It was from this device that the selfie was posted.

The phone was connected to the victim's cloud account, so when the photo was taken, it automatically showed up.

It is unclear whether either or both of the persons in the photo stole the device or simply purchased it from the thief. What is clear is that the two are currently in possession of the device, and police are currently searching for the pair.

"Did they buy stolen property? I don't know. Or are they the residential burglary suspects?" Dubin said. "There needs to be an explanation as to why their selfies are showing up on this person's cloud account."

The police are currently searching for the identity of the two suspects so they can be taken in for questioning.

What is clear is that either these two are completely oblivious to the situation, or they are dumb enough to post evidence of their crime so the victim and police can find them with minimal effort.


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