Couple Plants Razor Blades in Doughnuts in Attempt to Sue Store


One Utah couple, desperate for money, decided to plant razor blades in donuts from a local grocery store and eat them in attempt to get a settlement.

Carole Lee Leazer-Hardman and Michael Condor of Draper consumed several “spiked” donuts and even gave one to a co-worker who didn’t know about the plan.

The razor blades ranged in size, some as big as a thumbnail.

After being x-rayed, doctors could see that Leazer-Hardman, 39, and Condor, 35 had eaten numerous razor blades.

Fortunately, the co-worker who was given a donut filled with the blades only suffered cuts to her mouth.

Police said that couple planned to extort money from Smith’s Food and Drug store by saying the razors were in their pastries.

When the finished eating the donuts, they called police and told them they ate donuts from the store which were filled with the sharp objects.

They said they found a triangle piece of sharp metal in one.

Once the claims were made, the owner of the store pulled the food from shelves. Investigators soon became suspicious of the validity of the couple’s claims after they found the doughnuts were in a tamper proof packet and came from another state.

Draper Police Sgt. Chad Carpenter said detectives looked at the evidence and found “things weren’t adding up.”

Carpenter said the couple ate fingernail to thumbnail-sized pieces of broken razors.

Eventually, they admitted to planting the metal in the donuts so they could get a settlement.

Condor said they were deeply in debt and decided to go forward with the scheme as a last resort.

He also admitted to allowing one of his co-workers at a dollar store to bite into one.

They were charged with filing a false police report and assault.



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