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Couple Married For 73 Years Dies Minutes Apart In Different Nursing Homes (Video)

A Kentucky couple reportedly died within minutes of each other after an incredible 73 years of marriage.

Lillian Wilson and William Wilson suffered from Alzheimer’s for years before passing away on April 7. Both were reportedly living in separate nursing homes in different parts of Kentucky when they passed, and their son says their perfectly-timed deaths don’t come as much of a surprise.

“I’m not going till Bill goes,” Lillian once said of dying.

At the time of their deaths, Lillian was 89 years old and William, also known as “Wild Bill,” was 93. The two had been married for 73 years, and while the deaths are undoubtedly sad, son Doug Wilson says they will honor the two the only way they know how.

“We all look at it as a blessing because we're having one funeral for both of them,” Doug explained, describing their back-to-back deaths as a “blessing.”

Lillian and William reportedly met in high school and wound up falling in love when World War II began. When William enlisted in the military, the two decided to get married, despite not having support from their parents.

“He enlisted, and then they ran off, decided to get married,” Doug said. “I don’t think they had the blessings of either of their parents.”

On Tuesday at 3:52 a.m., Doug received a call from his father’s nursing home, informing him that the 93-year-old had passed away.

To his surprise and amazement, exactly five minutes later, his mother’s nursing home called and informed him that she had died, too.

Word of Lillian and William’s remarkable story has started to spread, and many are starting to compare them to the characters in “The Notebook.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Lexington Herald-Leader / Photo Source: Lexington Herald-Leader


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