Couple Loses All Of Their Belongings After Thieves Steal Moving Van


A couple preparing to move from their condo in Seattle, Wash. to California has had their dreams dashed to the ground after a burglar stole their moving van containing all of their possessions.

Jason Jones and Ambrose Romero put the contents of their condo in a 24-feet van and left it outside overnight.

When they woke up on Sunday, they were shocked to find that their van, full of art, family mementos, and valuable memorabilia collection, had disappeared.

Authorities were able to track down the van two days later in a different city, but the burglars only left blankets and a picture frame.

“We didn’t really expect anyone to steal a giant diesel truck in the middle of a downtown street,” Jones said. He has lived with his husband for seven years.

They believe the van was stolen between 5:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Jones said it is “heartbreaking” as the van contained their “whole lives.”

They have been watching auction sites like eBay to see if the thieves are trying to sell off their items.

They estimate that one movie memorabilia collection and thousands of action figures, belonging to Jones, is worth $15,000.

But it’s not the amount of money they lost that has the couple upset, it is the loss of irreplaceable items like photos and presents from friends and family that has them completely devastated.

“It feels like we’re in a dream,” Romero said, “a nightmare right now and at some point we are going to wake up from this and this is going to be in our past, but the reality of it is our stuff for the past seven years is gone.”

“It is those mementos that we have from family members, that have a past, friends that in the past have given us something over the years that I’ll think about and I’ll think I’m not going to see that picture again or that mug again, that’s no longer with us, and it’s rough, it’s hard.”

DailyMail, KIROTV


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