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Couple Leaves Gay Waiter Unwanted Tip (Video)

Britton Weaver recently served “a nice middle-aged couple” at a restaurant in Boise, Idaho.

Though the meal passed without incident, Weaver found a religious pamphlet when he went to collect the check.

And instead of their names, the couple signed the bill “straight.”

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Weaver is gay.

"It was probably to save my soul," Weaver told KIVI. "'Go change your ways, God will forgive you.' That is what the pamphlet says."

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The couple didn’t mention anything about Weaver's sexual orientation during their meal, and neither did Weaver.

“That would never come up," he said. "That is just not guest protocol. I mean, no one needs to know that.”

Weaver wasn’t entirely sure how to react.

"I got a little offended,” he said. "I got a little angered by it."

He brought the pamphlet to his manager and colleagues.

"A couple of them were actually more upset than I was," Weaver said. "I’ve dealt with it my whole life. I just take it as it is."

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Though the couple hasn’t been identified, Weaver suggested that they make a different choice next time.

"I would say probably refrain from doing it again,” he said. "It’s a good thing that it was me and I’m not someone that is mean or someone that's going to do something crazy about it."

Sources: KIVI, AOL Image via KIVI


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