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Couple Jailed for Torturing Maid Who Was 'Forced to Wear Diaper'

Tai Chi-wai and his wife Catherine Au Yuk-shan were recently jailed after being tried in court for torturing, beating and abusing their Indonesian maid.

The maid, Kartika Puspitasari, also claimed they put her in a diaper and tied her to a chair for five days, without food or water, while they went on a vacation to Thailand.

The couple was found guilty of eight charges that included assault and wounding with intent, noted Reuters.

Puspitasari said the couple tortured her for two years with a bicycle chain and a hot iron, until she escaped in October 2012.

Deputy District Judge So Wai-tak said he believed some of Puspitasari's testimony had been exaggerated, but found much of it to be true.

The judge said his verdict was meant to "send a clear message that every worker is protected by the laws."

However, that's not entirely true.

Hong Kong has about 300,000 domestic help workers, who mostly who come from the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, India and Pakistan. However, these workers are not entitled to minimum wage and other basic rights in Hong Kong.

In response to this criminal case, the Coalition of Service Providers for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong said in a statement: "We call on to the Hong Kong authorities and policymakers to make the needed and urgent reforms that will mitigate the possibility of another Kartika in our midst."

Source: Reuters


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