Cat Sitter Gets Caught Having Tryst With Woman (Video)


A woman on vacation got an unpleasant surprise when surveillance video showed the man she hired to take care of her cat having a romantic rendezvous in her living room (video below).

Audrey Yang of Queens, New York, took a trip to Australia in May. The vacation was two weeks long, so Yang hired a pet sitter to look after her cat, Meow Meow, while she was away, according to WPIX.

After doing some research, Yang settled on pet sitting service Puppy Parade. She hired Ahmet Ozturk, one of the company's co-owners, and he agreed to check in on Meow Meow each day in the afternoon.

What Ozturk didn't know was that Yang and her husband had recently installed surveillance cameras in their apartment. Whenever the cameras detected movement, Yang received a message on her cellphone.

She was disturbed when one of these messages showed Ozturk in her home after 9 p.m. one night. But it wasn't just Ozturk -- the cat sitter had brought a female friend along.

"We saw him and a girl kissing in my kitchen," Yang told WPIX. "That's just the beginning."

Yang was not pleased, and she began sending Ozturk text messages.

"I started getting angry, and I started texting him, saying, 'What are you doing here at this hour and what is this girl doing here with you.' He doesn't respond," she said.

When the images she was receiving became more intimate, Yang contacted a friend and told her to drive to her apartment and confront the pair.

Her friend did so immediately, using a spare key to enter the apartment and launching a tirade against Ozturk and his girlfriend, who appear embarrassed as they shuffle out into the hallway.

After hearing of the story, WPIX managed to track down the rogue cat sitter.

"I was lost in the moment," Ozturk said after being asked what happened. "I'm deeply apologetic. I've never done this before. My love for animals is unprecedented, you know. I love animals."

Asked if he learned a lesson from the incident, Ozturk said he had.

"Of course," he said. "I've never done this before. I made a mistake. I do deeply regret it."

Yang does not plan to press charges, but she did make Ozturk pay for a thorough cleaning of her apartment.

Sources: WPIX, YouTube / Photo credit:  YouTube

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