Couple Held In Starvation Of 10-Pound Toddler


Two Uniontown, Pennsylvania, parents were charged on March 17 for the death of their 23-month-old daughter.

Andrea Dusha and Michael Wright were arrested during a custody hearing for their two sons following the death of their daughter, who was reportedly starved to death.

On  Feb. 24, police were called to Uniontown Hospital on suspicion of child abuse after Dusha brought her child to the hospital when she became ill. Dusha told police that her daughter became unresponsive while being fed.

The toddler, Lydia Wright, died at the hospital.

At the time of the toddler's death, neighbor Casa Nova Humble Smith said the family rarely went outside and that their home was always dark.

"The baby would come out with the diapers falling off, it was very terrible," the neighbor told KDKA at the time.

Following the couple's arrest, police released a criminal complaint detailing the events leading to the toddler's death.

"Dusha stated that the child was drinking a mixture of water, gatorade and pedialyte from a sippie cup when the child’s eyes rolled back into her head, foam began to emit from the child’s nose and mouth and the child quit breathing," the complaint read.

An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be malnutrition as well as dehydration, with Lydia weighing just 10 pounds.

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A normal weight for a 23-month-old is 26.5 pounds, KDKA reported.

When police visited the couple's home, they reportedly found bottles filled with urine, a grocery bag full of used tampons and a toilet full of feces. The home was determined to be "in deplorable conditions and unsuitable for children to be living in."

The couple was ordered to jail without bond, with a preliminary hearing set for March 29, according to WKBN. Both 26-year-old Dusha and 32-year-old Wright were charged with homicide in their daughter's death.

At the time of the toddler's death, the couple's two boys, ages three and five, were removed from the home by Children and Youth Services, according to KDKA.

Sources: KDKA (2), WKBN / Photo credit: WKBN, Fayette County Jail via KDKA

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